Who’s Alien Kid (Bimbo Alieno)?

The world is full of opinions about markets – buy this, buy that, there’s an endless number of websites citing “earn online“, “winning trading” and so on in their names.
Well, I have my own ideas about investments, but this is not the place for operative suggestions. I think this is the place for broad considerations on world economy – hence, you can get your instruments here, not the answers.
A look on the economic news, an analytic spirit – they both need an open-minded approach, without any superstructure or conditioning – just like the one of a kid.
Furthermore, a kid who does not come from Italy, not Anglo-Saxon nor Latin, not Caucasian nor African-American nor Caribbean. He’s so extraneous to any form of alignment that you can call him Alien.
That’s why I’m an Alien Kid. Without conditioning, without prejudices, without superstructures.
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About the Author

Operatore finanziario professionale dal 1998; ha collaborato con diverse banche italiane ed estere. Si può scoprire dell'altro cliccando qui. Oggi é responsabile del servizio Asset Management di una banca italiana. Professional financial trader since 1998; he has worked with several Italian and foreign banks. You can learn more here. Bimboalieno is currently in charge of a Private Banking centre.