A balance of unbalances

link to italian version The European Commission is to publish the outcome of a deep analysis of the macroeconomic unbalances of 14 countries, including Italy, in March – and we’re going to talk about it. Today, the Ecofin Council took note of the warning report of the European Commission, opting for a deeper analysis on the matter. Nonetheless, the Ecofin report underscores that

“there are positive signs of a rebalancing being achieved in the EU and in the Euro Zone, and in the states with deepest unbalances – thanks to a regained competitiveness and significant structural reforms.”

Among the risks for Italy, a low productivity, significant public debt, wages which are not aligned enough to the developments in productivity (warning: they are seen as too high, compared to a low productivity index), troubles in realizing a primary surplus due to the weak growth.
Hey dear citizens, admit it. You’d thought it was all about taxes, inefficiency of the public spending, different internal inflation among the Eurozone member states, unemployment…ha!

The other 13 states involved in this deep analysis led by the European Commission are Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, France, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden and the UK.
No…no Germany. Don’t be silly dears…

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