Monti-bis or “Monti put”?

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In the today episode of 24 Mattino – L’Italia si desta on Radio24 I was asked about the Monti-bis issue and about his possible availability to take into consideration a new mandate. Is democracy over?

I had just read the interview given in New York:

In short, these words sound like a Greenspan put to me (well, nowadays a Bernanke put): the “feeling of protection” given by Fed to the exuberant performances of the markets, intended as “In case of difficulties, we’re here to intervene. Signed: the Fed” – which led the markets to slow down. Monti has offered his international reputation as a guarantee, adding that the message was intended “to the international community and to the markets” – hence, even though he trusts in the formation of a political majority, should there be particular circumstances Italy can trust in his availability (that is, markets can trust in him leading Italy again). This sentence is a Monti-put, aimed to unhinge the concerns about the possibility of an after-Monti far too similar to the before-Monti climate, with public accounts and debt going adrift.
Without offending the political parties which were anxious to proceed with their usual behavior, supporting the premier and then criticizing his measures – the very first minute after voting them.

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