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At The State of the Net, a meeting held today in Trieste, the topics of the day were the Internet, social networks, blogs and…influence – no, not the virus. The internet influence is quite different. Which websites and bloggers are able to influence – area by area – the users’ opinion in Italy?

I have to admit I was quite surprised when the discussion focused on the financial sector and the “map” revealed that an Italian blogger, a certain “bimboalieno” resulted to be more influential than or in the financial area (the tag cloud shows each name with a character size in direct ratio to the influence “size”). The video below deals with the portion of the conference we are interested in, go directly to the 30′ or listen to the whole speech.

What can we draw from that? First of all, a huge “thank you” to each one of you reading, commenting, sharing this blog, keeping it “alive” and stimulating me even through the criticism – it helps me looking for new ways of expressing my thoughts and of spreading the things that matter to me.

Now, let’s try to deserve your consideration and the concerning influence:

in the previous post, a reader commented the idea of a new and improved European integration in this way:

“allow structures which are more and more disconnected from national and local economies (not very interested in the limit of liquidity) to further increase their debt, and to land the populations of bigger and bigger entities with that debt (…in order to bankrupt…): well this seems rubbish to me, already seen in the past and without a clear break from the wrong behaviours which had generated the current situation.”

I suppose this is a shared doubt, being something taken for granted but not clearly expressed: the aim of an increased European integration is not connected to “an increase of debt” in my opinion. It aims to stabilise the present situation in order to face the process of a debt reduction instead. Without a better European integration, the time for a correction of public accounts would disappear, and the only way of facing the emergency would then be a quick, traumatic one – unwelcome by a population with a high rate of public employees and retired people…

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