Mario the Peacock

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Mario is the name of the day, no doubts about it – whether we’re talking about a boy born in 1990 or about another “boy” from Varese, who’s gained esteem and respect all around Europe, trying to use it in favour of his Country.

If we can omit the interesting notes on Mario from Varese who “forces” Angela from Dresden to give up the idea of watching the match with Mario from Brescia and to continue their talks instead, the longed-for EuCo summit which is taking place on June 28th and 29th eludes the definition of the classic “inconclusive meeting”.

Well before the end of the talks, which allows us to long for other news, we were submitted an agreement (full version available here)

Not resolving, a simple monetary instrument for soothing the economy-finance tailspin mechanism – but it cannot be considered as not successful – which must then be implemented to be considered real, actual and complete. We must reach harmony, benefiting from a healthy contamination. In addition to monetary agreements, we would find and maintain the respect we owe to our European partners which, considering the opening pages of some Italian newspapers, is missing today.

We do not need any swearwords (nor rude gestures) to tell Angela that’s better not to underestimates our Marios…

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